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Why can't I login to STAR or access my study timetable?

Last modified 6 months ago

STAR (Student Timetable Allocation and Registration), your timetable system for on campus learning activities, may be closed for sorting or automated activities that are part of the timetabling process. If you can't access your timetable: Check the opening and closing dates of STAR to see if it's available. For short periods during each ...

STAR and Timetabling / STAR Access, Navigation and Attendance

STAFF: WI - Xetta Finance user guide

Last modified 1 week ago

Student Central uses the Xetta cashiering system across each campus. Xetta processes transactions, records receipts and performs reconciliations. Accepted forms of payment: Cheque (in person on campus) Debit (in person on campus) Visa/Mastercard AB (Already Banked) The attached user guide outlines the steps: Create a receipt Amend a rece...

Staff Systems Support / Xetta

OneStop Secure User Guide for Student Central v1.2.pdf [view]

a receipt 1.1 Logon • Click the Onestop Secure icon. • Log on with your user credentials, e.g. ST300090103. • If the student ID is not available, log into the Student Management System

What is a Unique Student Identifier (USI)?

Last modified 3 months ago

will match. Providing your USI to Deakin Once you have your USI, log into StudentConnect and select to ‘Verify’ the number. If your verification is successful, you can then log out and no further action

Enrolment Help and Changes

What happens to my class timetable if I change my enrolment?

Last modified 3 months ago

On-campus units If you enrol in additional on-campus units with learning activities while STAR is in Preference Entry mode, you will need to log in to STAR again and enter preferences for your newly is in Allocation Adjustment mode, you will need to log in to STAR and register based

STAR and Timetabling / STAR Access, Navigation and Attendance

Where are job application online tests and what help can I get with them?

Last modified 2 months ago

to other test takers. Employers will look at three key areas to assess you as a potential employee : your

Career Advice

Can I get a letter to work full time during breaks?

Last modified 8 months ago

To generate a letter confirming your ability to work: Log on to the StudentConnect Letter

Transcripts, Documents and Letters / Letters

What should I do if I receive an email saying I have a Tax File Number (TFN) verification error?

Last modified 6 days ago

details, log into your myGov account or call 13 28 61. To update your name or date of birth on your

Fees, Scholarships and Fin. Assistance / Fees / HELP

How do I get my name badge for my placement?

Last modified 1 week ago

confirmation, you can log in and follow the steps below. Select the 'Express Order 1 Badge/Award' option

Placements and Work Integrated Learning / Placements

What is my Library ID number?

Last modified 6 months ago

Your Library ID number is the number used to identify you when using the Library's services. You can find your Library ID number in a few ways: listed under the barcode on your Deakin Card. It is the number starting with 'X011'. when you log into your Library Account you will see

Directions / Library

I received my results by SMS last trimester. Do I need to register again?

Last modified 5 weeks ago

but now wish to again, then log in to StudentConnect and select ‘Register for SMS results’ again, select

Exams, Results and Assessment / Results

How do I apply for building access?

Last modified 9 months ago

There are some areas on campus that you'll need special access on your Deakin Card or a key to enter, either during or after hours. These might include libraries, computer labs, study areas, bike cages or secure rooms. To request access, you will need to log on to the online request

ID Cards and Access / Building Access

How do I apply for a transport travel concession?

Last modified 2 months ago

’), you’ll still need to apply for a new code from Deakin. Then, just log into your existing account

Transport and Travel / Concession or ISTPass

How do I find a lost item on campus?

Last modified 6 months ago

Any lost or unclaimed property found on campus will be held at the Student Central Hub. Property handed in is logged and held for a period of 30 days. So if you have lost something, contact Student Central as soon as possible. Some items that are unidentifiable, unsafe or unhygienic will not be accepted as lost property. To reclaim an it...

Lost Property / Claiming Lost Property

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