Jackson & Powell on Professional Liability with 2nd Supplement Set, 9t (2024)

Jackson & Powell on Professional Liability with 2nd Supplement Set, 9t (1)
Jackson & Powell on Professional Liability with 2nd Supplement Set, 9t (2)
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Edited by Mark Cannon KC, Hugh Evans, Roger Stewart KC, Kieran Lee Marshall, Sir Rupert Jackson, John Powell QC

Publication DateDec 2023
Hard Cover
PublisherSweet & Maxwell

"Jackson & Powell" is the authoritative text on Professional Liability, offering comprehensive coverage of the law in this field. It is an indispensable resource for practitioners, helping them determine the existence and breach of a duty of care, providing quick and reliable access to potential causes of action, and explaining the available remedies.

Key Features of Jackson & Powell on Professional Liability with 2nd Supplement Set, 9th Ed | 2023:

- Nature of Professional Liability: Examines the foundations and scope of professional liability.
- General and Specific Applications: Addresses subjects of general relevance and delves into the liabilities of specific professions.
- Tortious vs. Contractual Liability: Discusses the distinctions between these two types of liability.
- Duties and Obligations: Covers the duties and restrictions professionals face, including positive duties and the standard of skill and care.
- Fiduciary Duty: Explains the nature of fiduciary duties, unauthorized profits, and undue influence.
- Confidentiality: Discusses the origins and extent of the duty of confidentiality, including obligations to former clients.
- Limitation Periods: Differentiates between limitation periods in contract, tort, and equity.

New Developments and Case Law in the Latest Edition:

- Insurance: The Court of Appeal's decision in "Lord Bishop of Leeds v Dixon Coles & Gill" on aggregation of liabilities from thefts from a client account.
- Scope of Duty: Supreme Court guidance from "Manchester Building Society v Grant Thornton UK LLP" and "Meadows v Khan," focusing on the purpose of advice and its relevance to professional claims.
- Surveyors: The "Hart v Large" case, where the Court of Appeal held a negligent surveyor liable for the difference in property value, including latent defects.
- Lawyers: The "Harcus Sinclair LLP v Your Lawyers Ltd" case, where the Supreme Court reviewed the law on solicitors’ undertakings.
- Financial Practitioners: "Adams v Options SIPP UK LLP" and its implications for execution-only SIPP providers, highlighting that mere information provision can constitute advice.

9th Edition Details:

- Publication: December 2021, with the 2nd Supplement released in December 2023.
- Content: The supplement updates the main work with the latest changes and new case law.

This updated edition ensures practitioners remain informed about the latest legal developments and case law in professional liability.

Contents of Jackson & Powell on Professional Liability with 2nd Supplement Set, 9th Ed | 2023:

Chapter 1: The Nature of Professional Liability
Chapter 2: Duties and Obligations
Chapter 3: Remedies
Chapter 4: Contribution between Defendants
Chapter 5: Defences
Chapter 6: Litigation
Chapter 7: Human Rights and Judicial Review in Professional Liability
Chapter 8: Professional Indemnity Insurance
Chapter 9: Construction Professionals
Chapter 10: Surveyors
Chapter 11: Solicitors
Chapter 12: Barristers
Chapter 13: Medical Practitioners
Chapter 14: Regulation of Financial Services
Chapter 15: Financial Practitioners
Chapter 16: Insurance Brokers
Chapter 17: Accountants and Auditors
Chapter 18: Actuaries
Chapter 19: Members’ and Managing Agents at Lloyd’s
Chapter 20: Information Technology Professionals
Chapter 21: Patent Attorneys and Trade Mark Attorneys
Chapter 22: Art Professionals

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ISBN: 9780414117808

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Jackson & Powell on Professional Liability with 2nd Supplement Set, 9t (2024)


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