16 Accessories for Your Wedding Cake with Fountains (2024)

If you’re looking for your wedding cake to have that regal vibe, then it doesn’t get more majestic than fountains!

Here are some of our favorite wedding cake accessories (you’ll be needing a few of these) to achieve that royal cascading look for your cake.

Bonus tip: fountains can always be reused for other events- think Oscars parties, birthdays, or any other fancy get-together!

How Do I Build a Wedding Cake with Fountains?

When you’re considering a wedding cake with fountains, you’ll need to put the focus on height and segments, or sections. Piece by piece, you can build the glamorous wedding cake of your dreams.

If you’re dead set on going the traditional way (a fountain under your wedding cake), you’ll need some height via columns and cake stands.

Some brides even use clever bridges to achieve height and provide a visually appealing way to display cupcakes or other small sweet treats on the dessert table!

Whatever way you’re planning to raise those cakes, there’s a wide variety of cake stands, columns, bridges, and fountains out there on the market, so do shop around to find the perfect piece.

Nowadays, you’ll see a lot of acrylic wedding cake accessories, which are not only sturdy for holding that delicious cake but also clear- allowing guests to ooh and ahh over the dessert!

It’s helpful to sketch out your vision to ensure that you don’t miss anything in your planning period. In general, you’ll want the tallest piece in the back, with lower segments closer to the front to achieve the best cascading effect.

We’ve included some columns and stairs in our list of things you’ll need to achieve a truly cascading look- now, let’s get planning!

How to Use a Wedding Fountain with Cupcakes

You’re in luck- any cake stand can generally be used for cupcakes! However, much like the “all squares are technically rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares” logic, not all cupcake stands were made equal and can accommodate cakes.

Most cake stands have flat plates, or bases, on which the cake sits; the cupcakes can equally occupy that space. However, a specific cupcake stand will tend to have a post or protruding tier in the middle that will make stacking a cake dang near impossible.

With some careful consideration and measurement, you can easily display your fountain with cupcakes in a fancy, cascading manner. Just play around with your tier heights to achieve what looks best to you- some high, some low, and all-around delicious!

13″ x 9″ Fancy Wedding Cake Fountain Accessory

Wilton Fanci Flow Tabletop Water Fountain

Tabletop fountain has flowing water and 3 waterfalls that are accented by a lighted fountain base

16 Accessories for Your Wedding Cake with Fountains (1)

This electric corded fountain can easily be a showstopper for your wedding cake. At 13 inches tall, you can put it under the bottommost layer of your wedding cake stand for a visual pop or set it on the dessert table surrounded by lights, cupcakes, and flowers.

The possibilities are endless with a simple, clear wedding cake fountain accessory like this. We particularly like the romantic look of the crystal-like scalloped edges where the flowing water can trickle down.

10.5″ x 10.5″ x 6.7″ Clear Acrylic Cascading Water Fountain

Fanci Water Fountain For Wedding Cake

This Acrylic Cascading Water Fountain has an Electric Lighted Base.

16 Accessories for Your Wedding Cake with Fountains (2)

With an electric lighted base, this acrylic water fountain is perfect for setting the mood on your dessert table.

You can easily set it under a columned cake stand for a luxurious look, and you can bet it’ll be the topic of conversation!

Cascading water adds such a decadent feel to your dessert table and is a delight for the senses!

Custom Crystal Illusion Wedding Cake Stand & LED Lights

Clear Acrylics plates and solid rod supports, it comes with pre-attached beads.

Check Price on Etsy

Don’t shy away from glitz and glamour- after all, it’s your wedding day; the one time to go over the top!

Take a gander at this dangling crystal cake stand that looks like it’s floating in thin air- this would add an enchanting effect to your wedding cake fountain.

Multi-layered Roman Column Cake Tier Stands

Cake support columns are key to achieving your lofty goals. (Sorry, had to.)

This package of 12 comes in three sizes; perfect for adjusting to the height of your fountain, or separating into three cakes!

We love the classic look of Roman columns- with the square top, you can be sure that your cake will be secure!

13″ Round Cake Separator Plate

Wilton Decorator Preferred Round Separator Plate for Cakes

Scalloped edges and elegant design can be used to fit into any décor

16 Accessories for Your Wedding Cake with Fountains (5)

Cake plates are key for holding these delicious delights up! They’re available in a wide range of diameters (from 7″ to 16″) to accommodate cakes of all sizes.

While there are lots of cake separator plates available, this is just one example of a classic scalloped edge plate that gives a charming and romantic vibe to the overall look.

If you’re more of a modern bride, you can easily find ones with a smooth and clean edge.

Stainless Steel Invisible/Anti-Gravity Floating Cake Spacer

Stainless Steel Invisible/Anti-Gravity Floating Cake Spacer

Made using high-quality, food-safe stainless steel, this cake spacer offers the perfect way to add height and a touch of illusion to your cakes with its gravity-defying abilities.

Check Price on Etsy

While we’re on the subject of cake spacers, we had to include this super trendy anti-gravity floating cake spacer!

This is another great way to get some height on your wedding tablescape, and it’s super easy to customize with your wedding flowers and decorations.

Wedding cake illusions are so fun and also an easy way to add some drama and flair to the entire wedding experience.

Just be sure to stay within the weight ranges of the base and plates, or else you run the risk of a fallen cake!

Four Piece Wedding Cake Pillars (Varying Sizes)

Four Piece Wedding Cake Pillars

Check Price on Etsy

This four-piece set of cake pillars is going to be crucial to keeping your cake upright!

Whether it’s to separate the rounds or to place the fountain underneath, these are an absolute must.

The classic style of traditional cakes with fountains will typically utilize white Roman-style pillars as part of the cake stand, but more modern-looking ones can even be sleek acrylic tubes (we’ll get into some of these later!)

Six Tier Acrylic Wedding Cake Stands with LED Lights

Six Tier Acrylic Wedding Cake Stands with LED Lights

Our cake stands are made of hard acrylic plastic

Check Price on Etsy

So, let’s say you’ve bought your fountain. You’ve filled it with water, plugged it in, and everything’s good to go- but what to do with those cakes?

Many brides like the stacked look, and we do too! But if you’re looking for something different, here’s a great way to arrange your cakes around that nifty fountain you just purchased!

By varying the levels of your acrylic cake stand around your fountain, you’ve now successfully achieved a cascading look with all of your cakes- and the LED lights will draw your wedding guest’s eyes towards that beautiful fountain. Presto!

Two-Pack of White Decorative Cake Stairs

Now that you have your cascading cakes on their stands, what else could you need?

Take a look at these decorative cake stairs- many brides use these to complete their regal tablescape by connecting the tiers of the cakes.

There’s a wide variety of decorative stairs available, but we liked these for the romantic and ornate design.

Including cake steps or stairs will help flesh out the entire look and add dimension to the visuals!

Fillable Clear Square Cake Pedestal Riser

Cake Pedestal Acrylic

This business is based off of planters but a clear acrylic box is a clear acrylic box and it makes for a beautiful modern new look for a wedding cake riser!

Check Price on Etsy

Looking for more ways to get some height in your display? If you’ve got a square wedding cake, make sure your tiers are all sorted, then pick up a set of these clear cake risers!

These risers can be set in between your layers, and because of their clear acrylic nature, they will match nicely with an LED fountain.

Remember, height is your best friend when it comes to cascading effects!

Do note the weight restriction of these cake risers- nobody wants a broken cake accident! These clear acrylic boxes can hold up to 35lbs and can be filled with any sort of decoration- look how gorgeous it is with fresh blooms inside.

Two-Pack of Acrylic Decorative Cake Steps

Two-Pack of Acrylic Decorative Cake Steps

Use on wedding cakes, birthday cakes, anniversary cakes and story book cakes.

16 Accessories for Your Wedding Cake with Fountains (11)

As I mentioned earlier, acrylic has been having its moment for a while now.

Crystal clear, lightweight plastic has been utilized in so many ways when it comes to wedding decorations because it achieves that gorgeous glass-like appearance without the risk of shattering.

Case in point, these clear acrylic cake stairs are a great way to keep the focus on your cake’s decorations, and would look great on a non-traditional cake with colorful fondant!

Eight Tier Cascading Square Cupcake Stands

Eight Tier Cascading Square Cupcake Stands

This Cake Stand Will Hold Any Heavy Wedding Cake And Fruit Cakes

16 Accessories for Your Wedding Cake with Fountains (12)

Are you one of the many brides who are opting for cupcakes or smaller sweets instead of a cake?

For super large wedding parties, cupcakes or varying dessert options are a great way to appease a wide panel of tastes or simply the sheer number of guests.

That’s why we love this set of eight cascading cake stands. They’re square, which means they can fit lots of cupcakes or treats!

The plates and pillars are also interchangeable, so you can arrange your cakes or sweets any way you’d like.

If you want your fountain to be the main focus, place the higher cake stands in the back to create a sort of pyramid effect!

Unique Three-Tier Acrylic Semicircle Cupcake Stand

MyGift Semicircle 3 Tier Cupcake Stands

Features 3 separate risers which, when set together, form a united and elegant whole

16 Accessories for Your Wedding Cake with Fountains (13)

If you’re having a smaller get-together for a wedding celebration (and these days, intimate weddings are all the rage), this semicircle cupcake stand could be just what you’re looking for.

Because wedding cake fountains tend to be smaller (as to fit under the cake stand), here’s another creative way to tie in your wedding cake fountain with cupcakes.

This acrylic stand has stainless steel construct elements and can be arranged into two semi-circles, a full circle, or individual tiers. It’s easy to assemble and clean- what else could you need?

Four-Tier LED Dessert Tower

Purheme Rechargable LED Cupcake Stand

Our latest cupcake dessert stands is made of full acrylic (max weight capacity 30 lbs), casing type installation (without any metal screws, more stable).

16 Accessories for Your Wedding Cake with Fountains (14)

If cascading is the name of the game, this stand is necessary if you’re a bride planning on having tons of sweet treats at the reception. This LED tower is a stylish way to enhance the cascading display with a fountain!

As a bonus, this seller is also including a special LED light garland that will add so much romantic magic to the display.

Six-Tier Acrylic Cake Stand with Fillable Tubes

6 Tier Clear Cake Stand

Our splendid 6-tier acrylic cake/cupcake stand is absolutely perfect for any festive occasion, from simple afternoon tea with buddies to a formal wedding or a birthday ceremony.

Check Price on Etsy

Consider this, crafty brides: filling your acrylic cake stand with a personal touch.

Whether it’s sparkling crystal gems in your favorite color, LED lights, or even flowers, this is a great option to customize those acrylic tubes under your cake plates.

As brides, we love having options. Customization is key when it comes to your perfect day, and if you want your cake (and cupcakes, and cake pops, and donuts, and candy…) and eat it too, then go with a cake stand that you’ll be able to get creative with!

Clear Acrylic and Metal Tiered Cupcake Riser

MyGift Clear Acrylic Cupcake Stand

Set of 2 acrylic riser stands. Perfect for displaying cupcakes, desserts and more

16 Accessories for Your Wedding Cake with Fountains (16)

Why not take the theme of stairs a step farther? (see what we did there?)

These acrylic and metal-tiered risers would look fabulous surrounding a trickling LED fountain. We love how you can mix up your wedding treats with small bites: think not only cupcakes, but macarons, candy, or whatever culinary treats you can dream up!

At only 12 inches wide, you can easily use several of these and arrange them around your fountain, or as a backdrop! The possibilities are endless.

16 Accessories for Your Wedding Cake with Fountains (2024)


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