14 Artificial Wedding Bouquets That Will Steal the Show (2024)


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14 Artificial Wedding Bouquets That Will Steal the Show (1)

Hillary Hoffower

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14 Artificial Wedding Bouquets That Will Steal the Show (2)

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Wedding flowersare one of the biggest expenses eating up your decor budget. A more economical choice—and a long-lasting one—may be to feature artificial flowers in place of fresh ones. But will they look exactly like what they are—fake? Not if you find the right ones, and these days, the options abound.

High-quality silk flowers can easily pass for the real thing, and we've researched the best ones, ranging from silk peonies to silk orchids. Delicate crepe paper blooms can also be a beautiful choice, especially if the rest of your wedding decor has a rustic, DIY look. If you’re a more whimsical or non-traditional bride, don’t be afraid to get creative when it comes to the material—wooden flowers complement aboho wedding, metal petals give an industrial flair, and colorful handcrafted felt flowers are perfect for a couple looking for something that's more playful and fun.

You can choose to have your bouquet consist solely ofartificial flowers, which you can buy as one arrangement, or incorporate individual sprays of faux flowers to accent a fresh arrangement. Using both real and faux options can help keep costs down while featuring star blooms like peonies or dahlias that may be out of season at the time of your event.

Read on for the best artificial wedding bouquets.

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One Tree Bridal Rustic Boho Wedding Bouquet

14 Artificial Wedding Bouquets That Will Steal the Show (3)

Handmade from silk flowers, pampas grass, and dried flowers, this rustic bouquet is a boho bride’s dream. Featuring a soft palette of mauves and beiges, it will blend right in with a wedding in the woods or the desert. To customize the bouquet for your palette and style, it's possible to change both the color tones and the size.

The Classic Blooms Silk Boho Bouquet

14 Artificial Wedding Bouquets That Will Steal the Show (4)

The silk flowers in this bouquet look super realistic—no one will know they're not real! Unlike the typical round bouquet, this one is also available in a more organic, asymmetrical shape. Featuring a palette of white, pink, and burgundy, the bouquet’s mix of moody and light tones give it the perfect look for a late fall or winter wedding.

The Paper Flower Artist Crepe Paper Flower Wedding Bouquet

14 Artificial Wedding Bouquets That Will Steal the Show (5)

A crepe paper flower bouquet is just what a whimsical summer wedding needs. Handcrafted out of Italian and German crepe paper, the flowers are bursting with vibrancy. You can customize the arrangement by choosing from one of six color families and specifying several accent colors, as well as selecting a base flower style and one to two accent styles.

With Love and Petals Custom Book Rose Bouquet

14 Artificial Wedding Bouquets That Will Steal the Show (6)

Silk may be one of the most commonly used faux bouquet materials, but paper can work wonders, too—especially if you’re a bookworm. This book bouquet is handmade from the pages of your favorite book in any color of your choice. The size of the flowers depends on the size of the book, but you can choose a bouquet made out of 4, 8, 16, or 24 flowers.

Cherry blossom season never lasts long—but you can extend that season indefinitely when the cherry blossoms are faux! These sprays are a must for any springtime bouquet. Bundle a few together to make a statement, or intersperse them with other faux spring flowers like white pansies or sweet alyssum.

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Afloral Large White Fake Orchids

14 Artificial Wedding Bouquets That Will Steal the Show (8)

There's no rule saying that you have to buy a pre-made artificial bouquet. Instead, try collecting separate sprays of faux florals and greenery to make your own! If you’re throwing an island destination wedding, consider incorporating a tropical faux flower like this stunning white phalaenopsis orchid spray. It stands at 44 inches tall and feels real to the touch. Grab several for a sleek, minimalist look, or intersperse a few blooms with faux palm leaf branches for extra beach paradise vibes.

Fleurish Felt Flower Co Felt Flower Bouquet

14 Artificial Wedding Bouquets That Will Steal the Show (9)

A felt bouquet is just what the whimsical bride ordered. This springtime combination bursts with color, featuring soft pink faux roses and eucalyptus leaves. It comes in five different sizes, from a small, five inch arrangement to an extra-large sixteen inch version. To complete the DIY rustic look, the bottom felt stems are wrapped in jute string.

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Terrain Westleton Faux Bouquet

14 Artificial Wedding Bouquets That Will Steal the Show (10)

Desert brides, this bouquet is for you. Made of silk, polyester, resin, and metal wire, the stems and blooms are hand-painted to resemble wild caterpillars and onion grasses. It’s a minimalist look that would pair perfectly with a chic and understated slip wedding dress.Bonus: this type of statement-making arrangement can add visual interest to a bookcase or console table post-wedding.

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Nearly Natural Rose Spray Artificial Flower

14 Artificial Wedding Bouquets That Will Steal the Show (11)

A symbol of romance and perhaps the most classic flower of them all, roses are a staple in many wedding bouquets. Fresh ones can also cost a pretty penny, especially if they're out of season. This set of a dozen rose sprays come in six different colors, from champagne to light yellow. Mix them in with whatever other flowers your heart desires.

Winlyn Eucalyptus Leaves Bouquet

14 Artificial Wedding Bouquets That Will Steal the Show (12)

Oh, how we swoon over some simple greenery, accented with a few choice blooms. This eucalyptus bouquet features a mix of textures and soft green tones. The leaves are detachable, so you can adjust their direction and placement as you see fit.

The Dusty Raven Bouquet of Rusty Metal Flowers

14 Artificial Wedding Bouquets That Will Steal the Show (13)

A bouquet made of metal flowers? For the non-traditional bride, this unexpected arrangement may be the finishing touch you need. Featuring 25 recycled tin blossoms, it's a unique, sculptural look for an industrial-style wedding or as a complement to an artsy bride.

Ashland Artificial White Calla Lily Bundle

14 Artificial Wedding Bouquets That Will Steal the Show (14)

Another excellent choice for a tropical wedding, this bundle of faux white calla lilies is an elegant option. Made of plastic, iron wire, and paper, it stands at 14 inches high. The sturdy materials will hold up for hours and make these lilies great for pairing with other, more delicate, faux flowers.

Pine and Petal Weddings Rustic Wooden Flower Arrangement

14 Artificial Wedding Bouquets That Will Steal the Show (15)

Exuding rustic charm, this rich bouquet features hand-dyed wooden flowers in white, pine, and champagne hues. The bouquet is eight to 10 inches high and seven to eight inches wide. The best part? You can choose to have your favorite scent added to the bouquet.

DEEMEI Artificial Peonies Bouquet

14 Artificial Wedding Bouquets That Will Steal the Show (16)

Bursting with silk peonies, Persian roses, and eucalyptus leaves, this romantic bouquet is a great fit for a classic wedding. It’s available in this pretty pink display, as well as a variety of other color schemes and styles. And at under $20, this pick has great value for budget-conscious couples.

Meet the Expert

Meghan Shaw is the business owner of New Jersey-based Lauren Michael Events, which provides clients with wedding design services, decor rentals, and more.

What to Look for in an Artificial Wedding Bouquet

Quality and materials

“Pay attention to the quality,” says expert Meghan Shaw, who recommends tried-and-true companies like Afloral, who have been making faux flowers for years. If you're buying online, get in several options ahead of time because the materials may look different in person.


Be prepared to pay a little more at the beginning, but know that it's an investment that will last for a long time. “A high price tag comes along with quality, especially when you are crafting the bouquet bloom by bloom,” she says. “If you go faux, choose the blooms that look the most realistic and be picky about which you select.”


  • What are the best types of materials to look for?

    Shaw says that faux bouquets are largely made of materials derived from polyester, plastic, and silk. Beyond these materials (and if you're more DIY), you may want to consider combining crepe paper flowers with live greens.

    “With a book, some patience, a great pair of scissors, crepe paper, and floral wire, you can really make a beautiful arrangement and cut back on pricing,” Shaw says. “For example, live peonies can be expensive. If you combine crepe paper peonies with live seeded eucalyptus, sweetheart roses, and ruscus, you can get a beautiful look while cutting costs.”

  • What are the pros and cons of an artificial bouquet?

    On the upside, you don’t have to worry about the florals wilting, and you may save money,” Shaw explains. But you have to be careful about the materials and make sure that they don't look too fake or plastic in person or in photographs.

Why Trust Brides

Brides contributor Hillary Hoffower has eight years of experience writing for the wedding industry, covering everything from bridal fashion trends to wedding decor. When it comes to wedding style, she’s seen it all. That includes the best bridal bouquets, even if they’re made of fake flowers.

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14 Artificial Wedding Bouquets That Will Steal the Show (2024)


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